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China Vows Water Conservation

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China's Water Shortage

Man made Global warming. Who knows? Water shortage, every one knows
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As producers throughout the nation grow increasingly concerned about water scarcity, farmers, ranchers and agricultural educators are beginning to explore new, conservation-oriented approaches to water use. They are managing soil to improve infiltration, selecting drought-tolerant crops and native forages, and designing innovative runoff collection systems. We have found over teh past two decades that adjusting the reservoir capacity of the soil is the most effective way of conserving water in agriculture. Nevada Recreation Inc has proven this course of action in Nevada, California, Europe North Africa and the Middle East over the past 20 years.
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Solar finds it hard to squeeze water from the desert.
L.A. water rationing plan dealt surprise setback :
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Despite dire warnings of water shortages due to prolonged drought,
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Waterlok Water retention material
Arnold declares Calif. drought an emergency 27Feb09 Water conservation urged in Hawaii.
Record snow in Switzerland 30oct08 Marin County could be out of water by Summer. story 4 Feb 2009
DESERTIFICATION AND THE INTERNATIONAL POLICY IMPERATIVE China need an extra 30 billion cubic meters of water a year to survive.
Learn how to grow more and use less water in agriculture. It has been done in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE. More info here
Reduce Watering in Soils
Water Conservation soil ammendment. Save water naturally while irrigating.
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World Water Conservation. com is a site acting as a forum to promote the practice of water conservation throughout the world. The site
has been around for a few years but with the rapid changing world situation, water is of major importance. We do not believe in man-made
global warming but we do believe in a shortage of good potable water for mankind. is located in Reno/ Lake Tahoe, Nevada Area.
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